The Academy | Frequently Asked Questions
The ACADEMY is an Australia-based agency designed as a platform for Australia’s talents to explore their potential through experiential training boot camps, reality-TV style workshops, and selected programs. Playing a dual role in bringing Australia’s talents to Asia, and Asia’s events into Australia, the ACADEMY connects talents with opportunities, and lifestyle with communities.
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What is the K-Pop Boot Camp?

The Kpop Boot Camp is customised and tailored for K-Pop talents who want to know what being a Kpop Idol is like.


When is the boot camp?

The second Kpop Boot Camp Australia will kick-start with auditions in June, and the boot camp takes place in Spring – 24 September to 1st October 2017 in Brisbane. The boot camp is a one-week programme.


What? I have to audition?

Yes, just as all the Korean pop stars before you, auditioning is a part of the training and learning process. In fact, the excitement of auditioning is part of the fun! There will be a A$50 fee.


Okay, how do I audition?

Auditions will be held in 5 states across Australia. A panel made up of our trainers and top management will be viewing your audition videos to assess and evaluate your suitability and potential. A list of Top 40 participants will be selected to participate in the Boot Camp.

Click here for the list of audition schedule and details.


What do I have to do?

Present yourself to the physical audition, bring your choice of music – only 1 minute, prepare a minute of free-style dance or a cover – Kpop or non-kpop. And dance away.


I don’t live in Australia but I want to be part of it.

You will have a choice of either flying in for physical audition or send in a video submission, either way the auditionee must submit the audition form on our website and pay AUD 50 administration fee. If you decide on the video submission, you will not be eligible for the Wild Card Challenge.

Your video must be below 50MB, recording in a bright condition showing auditionee’s face, 1 minute of free-style or cover dance with your choice of song – Kpop or non-kpop.

The video must be submitted to our email:, titled: (Yourname) Kpop Boot Camp Australia 2017 Audition Video. The end of submission date will be on 15 July 2017.

Your video will not be considered submitted if payment is not made. You must still make plans to come to Brisbane for the Kpop Boot Camp Australia 2017 if you make it to the Top 40.


Can I audition more than once?

Auditionees are encouraged to only audition once, to ensure you give it your best shot. However, if you feel that you want a second chance, you can audition again in another state, not in the state you have auditioned in.

At the end of your auditions (if you audition more than once), you must then choose only ONE audition tape as your final submission. This is to ensure that all auditionees get equal opportunity.

All travel-related expenses incurred for multiple auditions are to be borne by the auditionee.


What do we have to prepare for the audition?

Upon receiving your successful registration, The Academy will provide you with an Audition Kit, with all the necessary information.


Do we have to audition as an individual or can we come as a group?

There will only be solo auditions from now on.


What are the judges / panel of trainers looking for?

Passion for dancing and singing, the thirst to be better, the eagerness to learn and a serious attitude towards training. This is not for people who are lazy and who gives up after a day.


If we get selected, who’s training us?

A very good question, the training provided by The Academy at the Boot Camp is currently only available in South Korea. However, we are bringing in these trainers from the big entertainment agencies in South Korea to work with us for the first time. Check out their profiles. .


If I am selected but can’t participate in the Boot Camp, what happens?

The week-long Boot Camp requires commitment and schedule-planning so in the event a selected participant is not able to attend, his/her spot will be given to those shortlisted on the waiting list.

The Academy, however, will provide selected participants with sufficient amount of time to plan their schedules, make travel plans and accommodation arrangements. More information on these will be provided to selected participants.


Will I get to go to South Korea?

The possibilities are limitless. All 40 selected participants are featured on an online reality-TV show broadcasted on Youtube and across Asian media. What’s to say a big entertainment won’t pick you up?

If you excel in this boot camp, your trainer may find you really suitable to be the next big thing in Korea and give you a recommendation! So work hard!

The exposure this boot camp gives, it’s beyond our imagination.

So the answer is, yes you can, the opportunities are yours to fight for.


How much does the boot camp cost?

The Master Class fees, for selected participants (i.e. the Top 40), cost AUD1000. This includes covers expenses and trainers’ fees for the whole week. It does not include accommodation and travel expenses (if the participant is coming from another state). The Academy, however, will provide a list of possible and affordable accommodation options for participants to consider.


I got into the Top 40! But I do not have enough money to pay for the Boot Camp. Can you help? Can you give a discount?

Sorry darling, all expenses are to be borne by the participant.

However, we leave no talent undiscovered. The Academy will be organising an online competition to give you a chance to win a 1 week Kpop Boot Camp pass. This free pass enables you to become the 41st participant, forming our Top 41.

Click herefor Wild Card Challenge!


I am 12 this year. Can I audition and join the boot camp?

Talent sees no boundaries, not even age. For legal and safety reasons however, we do have an age requirement of our participants being at least 18 and above. For those below the age of 18, you will need parental consent.

Please email us (Subject: I am 12 years old) and we will send you (and your parent) a form!


What is the online reality-Tv show about? Do I have to be a part of it?

If you love K-pop and want to be a star, it’s time to get used to being in front of the camera. This online reality-TV show is a series we’ll be filming during the auditions and Boot Camp on the challenges, difficulties, and experiences the participants go through.

It’ll be real, engaging, and it gives participants exposure online. It will also help participants garner a fan base through the series. Think of So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, The Voice, and the likes.

Watch our previous season on Vimeo.


I love the K-pop culture but I don’t really want to be a star…

Of course, not everybody wants to be a star. Some of us enjoy the culture and music. You can consider signing up with us as a volunteer for the auditions and for the boot camp. Volunteers get first-hand insights to all the latest happenings, you know that!

Please email us your interests and strengths to