The Academy | KPOP Boot Camp Australia 2017
The ACADEMY is an Australia-based agency designed as a platform for Australia’s talents to explore their potential through experiential training boot camps, reality-TV style workshops, and selected programs. Playing a dual role in bringing Australia’s talents to Asia, and Asia’s events into Australia, the ACADEMY connects talents with opportunities, and lifestyle with communities.
Kpop Boot Camp Australia, 2017
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Kpop Boot Camp Australia 2017

A new season of Kpop Boot Camp Australia 2017 – a sensational, interactive experience for the budding Korean pop stars of tomorrow!

Yes, we are talking about you!

This September, come rub shoulders with top-notch Korean trainers and choreographers Ko Woo Rim, Kim Jin Hwan, and Park Seung Min, who have worked with Korean pop stars like A-CIAN, GOT7 (yes you may scream!), and they want to train you into becoming the next K-pop star!

If you said,

“Yes, yes, yes!”



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Warning: it’s not going to be easy!

Get a real taste of the K-pop lifestyle in our week-long reality-TV style boot camp – experience for yourself what it’s like to train, to learn, and to master the skills your idols have.

We work with you to achieve your dreams of becoming your idol, or better yet, surpassing them.

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AUD 50 dollars is applicable.

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