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About you

If you are 11 years old or older, where ever you are and whatever experience you have, we welcome you to audition for our program! Fun fact, In 2019, the youngest trainee was born in 2006 while the oldest was born is 1981!

About us

The audition costs $55 (GST included) for both Live and Online auditions. This is to ensure your commitment to auditioning. It will help bring volunteers (videographers, editors) and staff to your city and help us facilitate the audition venue.


Your audition video will be sent to our partner agencies (Yes, the scouts will review your video!) and sponsors for them to select the Top 60 auditionees to join the camp!

For more information on the audition, read below and click the

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What to Prepare

What kind of dance do I need to prepare? Is vocal compulsory?



We are heading to Singapore and 6 cities across Australia!

Wild card


What is the Wild Card Challenge? Who's eligible?

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