Class of 2016 Kpop Boot Camp

Destination: Sydney

Trainees: 33

Curriculum: Dance, Vocal, Acting, and Media Training

Trainers (left to right)

Koh Woo Rim (Vocal), Kim Jin Hwan (Dance), Park Seung Min (Dance)

Not in Picture: Sarah (Acting)


Top Trainee

Leticia Tan

Most Improved Trainee

(Team Kim)

Sharon Xu

Most Improved Trainee

(Team Park)

Fresha Mardira

Most Improved Vocalist

Tre Clark

Wild Card Challenge


Audrey Khamly

Best Actress

Becca Daley

Miss Sustainability

Sharon Xu

Best Acting Group 

Ezrela Abraham, Fresha Mardira, Holly Marie, Jessica Hwang, Katy Phillips

Paldo Choice Award

Faster than the Beat (Team Park)

Fun Facts!


Team Leaders:

Leticia Tan & Miranda Jimenez-ribeiro


Oldest Trainee: 33 years old

Youngest Trainee: 13 years old

Drop out(s): 1 trainee

Our first Boot Camp!

Special Guest: Andy Trieu (SBS PopAsia Host/Producer).

Our 2016 Uniform was made of recycled plastic bottles! Credits to Vivify Textiles!

2016 Boot Camp Episodes

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