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May 12, 2016

The Wildcard Challenge will give the winning applicant a FREE and GUARANTEED place in the K-POP BOOT CAMP MASTER CLASS. That is an incredible $1000 AUD saving and for an unparalleled KPOP training experience. All SOLO audition participants are applicable for this wildcard. The winner will be judged by a public vote with most likes from their audition video.

August 28, 2016

The auditions for The Academy’s K-Pop Boot Camp have been held and finalised and now we are down to the Wildcard entrants!

February 05, 2017

After the incredible success of Sydney's 2016 Kpop Boot camp - with new friendships formed and many trainees gone on to exciting career opportunities in modeling, performing, and yes, K-Pop related paths too - this year, The Academy is bringing that excitement to Brisbane (hello Brisbanians!)

February 07, 2017

Following the success of 2016's K-pop Boot camp, The Academy will be bringing their "K-pop Boot Camp" back to Australia in 2017!

Auditions will take place in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney in June and July, and the top 40 who pass through will get the chance to train for a week with some top-notch Korean trainers who have worked with K-pop groups like A-CIAN and GOT7. 

For those interested in going through The Academy's path of blood, sweat, and tears in order to achieve K-pop stardom, register right here!

February 09, 2017

In Spring 2017, The Academy is moving the entire production of the K-Pop Boot Camp to Brisbane. Why, you ask? Because of your feedback! A lot The Academy’s fans and interested participants reside in Brisbane and they don’t want you guys to miss out on the opportunity to audition and participate!

May 23, 2017

“We picked K-pop because there is a demand for it on two fronts – from agencies searching for new talent, and young talent searching for a breakthrough in the entertainment industry besides Hollywood.” — Angela Lee, director, The Academy

May 24, 2017

Aussie fans wanting a taste of K-pop training are turning to The Academy, a Sydney-based agency that runs experiential K-pop boot camps, choreography and other tailored programs and reality TV-style workshops.  Those attending also get the chance to work with professional trainers and consultants from top entertainment agencies across Asia.

June 10, 2017

Ms Lee says the boot camp gives those interested in being k-pop idols the opportunity to get a taste for trainee life while being monitored thoroughly by the agency’s Korean trainers, all of whom have had industry experience in Korea.

The best-performing trainees last year were given the opportunity to privately audition for a Korean agency through a prepared video and photo portfolio, which was a special privilege. Usually, foreign k-pop hopefuls must attend a ‘global audition’ hosted by an entertainment company in their home country, where their audition will be recorded by representatives and sent to Korea.

July 29, 2017

The 15-year-old dancer is campaigning for a free chance to enter a seven-day reality-television style boot camp with Australian agency The Academy in September.


This is a dream-come true for Renae, who has been trying to master techniques for high-energy K-pop moves for about 18 months.


“I am so excited to get an experience to be like a K-pop idol,” Renae said. “Dances are really intense and up-beat. K-pop has all types of styles of dance, too. It’s also like the music we listen to, but it’s in Korean.”

August 13, 2017

호주에서는 한국 기획사의 오디션 기회가 적은 가운데 지난해부터 열리고 있는 ‘K-Pop Boot Camp in Australia(호주 K팝부트캠프)’가 주목되고 있다. 부트캠프는 끼와 재능이 있는 호주의 K-Pop 아티스트의 꿈나무들에게 한국의 K-Pop 기획사 연습생 과 같은 트레이닝 프로그램을 제공하는 것을 목적으로 하고 있다. 작년에는 9월 26일부터 10월 1일까지 시드니에서 개최되어 33명의 수료생을 배출하는 성공적인 성과를 보인 바가 있다. 금년으로 2회째를 맞이하는 호주 K-Pop 부트캠프가 오는 9월 24일부터 10월 1일까지 8일간에 걸쳐 퀸즐랜드주의 주도 브리즈번에서 개최될 예정이다.

September 19, 2017

“TELL your story.”

“I don’t have one,” Alina Dempsey, 13, whispers back to her mother, at the start of her interview about how she has been accepted into a national K-Pop ‘boot camp’. 

Alina is shy at first and lets her mother Kerrie speak for her, but grows more talkative when the topic focuses on her love for Korean Pop. 

The Mount Isa schoolgirl was accepted into The Academy Australia’s week-long program, which begins on Sunday in Brisbane. The Academy held auditions across Australia and online and accepted 40 trainees. 

October 12, 2017

“We’re here for the long term,” stresses Lee, likely alluding to previous K-pop programs in Sydney which emerged then suddenly collapsed.

February 02, 2018

Kpop Boot Camp Australia 2017 Trainee Alina

January 27, 2018


她前年和去年分别在悉尼和布里斯班参加澳洲公司The Academy主办的“KPOP培训营”,体验练习生生活。The Academy由本地人李春华(37岁)创办,为韩国多家娱乐公司寻找新人。


April 07, 2018

She dived into further details: "For many of our trainees, the K-pop boot camp could be an amazing seven-day coming-of-age experience. Some will walk away with new friends and others walk away with more confidence in themselves. Trainees realising that they are so much more than what they previously thought is the most rewarding. Getting scouted is a bonus, but knowing that they are actually capable of setting goals and finishing is more important as this is a mentality that I hope the trainees will take with them and use when they are faced with challenges in the future. Do not give up because you know you can do it.

K-pop Boot Camp is coming to Melbourne this year

April 09, 2018

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be a K-pop star, then here's your chance!

The Academy has announced that they'll be bringing their popular K-pop Boot Camp to Melbourne in September. 

The boot camp, which runs for a week, puts you through the similar gruelling training that K-pop idols undergo.

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