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THE KPOP Boot Camp 2023
What is the KPOP Boot Camp?
The KPOP Boot Camp is tailored for talents who want to know what an idol trainee training is like. The experience will be filmed into a reality TV like series, available for all to watch on our YouTube channel.
How is it different from usual workshops?
The KPOP Boot Camp includes other curriculum such as vocal training, video filming, and modelling. The program is intensive; trainees will start their day from as early as 7am and finish at 10-11pm. The program and schedule are made in consultation with our Korean agency partners to ensure its authenticity to the idol trainee lifestyle.
When is the KPOP Boot Camp?
It is held from 9 December 2023 to 19 December 2023.
How much does the Boot Camp cost?
KPOP Boot Camp 2023 fees will be AUD$2,800 (inc. GST).
This fee includes accommodation and meals during the duration of the camp.
I am 11 this year. Can I audition and join the Boot Camp?

The minimum age requirement is 11 years of age as of 1 January 2023 (born in the year of 2012). For legal and safety reasons, all participants below the age of 18 will need parental consent. 

Who are the trainers?
2023 Boot Camp trainees will be taught by Korean dancers and vocalists with experience in teaching and preparing budding potentials to become trainees. More information will be released in due time!
If there are 102 trainees, how will I be trained?
Most classes will run in 4 groups of 25/26. Vocal class will run based on skill level.
I received an offer but I do not have enough money to pay for the camp? Can you help? Can you give a discount?

Sorry, all expenses are to be paid by the participant. Payment plans are available via PayPal, view the "After The Auditions" tab for more info.

Do I need to be part of the reality-TV show?

Yes. If you love KPOP and want to be a star, it’s time to get used to being in front of the camera. Click here to watch our latest Boot Camp series.

What do I need to prepare before the Boot Camp?

We will send you updates on Facebook detailing the things you need to do and anything we need from you before the Boot Camp. Make sure you have an active Facebook account and read all of the announcements and correspondence we send.

I live overseas. Do I have to pay for my own flight?

Yes. All travel costs must be paid by participating trainees. These costs are in addition to the Boot Camp fees. Shared accommodation is included in the fee and free airport transfers will be provided by The Academy.

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