Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kpop Dance Boot Camp?
The Kpop Boot Camp is tailored for talents who want to know what an Idol trainee dance training is like. The experience will be filmed into a reality TV like series, available for all to watch on our YouTube Channel.
How is it different from the usual Kpop Boot Camp?
The Kpop Boot Camp includes other curriculums such as vocal, language, or modelling; where as the Dance Boot Camp only covers dance for those who are interested solely developing the skill.
When is the Kpop Dance Boot Camp?
It is held from 12 August 2020 to 18 August 2020.
How much does the Dance Boot Camp Cost?
The program costs $990 and costs for each bootcamp cover production expenses and trainer's fees for the duration of the bootcamp.
I am 11 this year can I audition and join the boot camp?

The minimum age requirement is 11 years of age as of 1 January 2020. For legal and safety reasons, all participants below the age of 18 will need parental consent

If we get selected, who's training us?
This year's trainer is Choreographer 1LL from Prepix Studio. He was involved in choreographing and training for groups such as NCT, EXO and soloist Taemin, Hoya.
I got an offer but I do not have enough money to pay for the camp? Can you help? Can you give a discount?

Sorry darling, all expenses are to be borne by the participant.


However, we leave no talent undiscovered. The Academy will be organising an online competition to give you a chance to win a Kpop Boot Camp pass. This free pass enables you to become the extra trainee that forms part of our trainee intake for the year. 

Do I need to be part of the Reality-TV Show?

Yes. If you love Kpop and want to be a star, it’s time to get used to being in front of the camera. Click here to watch our latest Boot Camp series.


Do I have to audition?

Yes, just as all the Korean pop stars before you, auditioning is a part of the training and learning process. In fact, the excitement of auditioning is part of the fun! There will be a AUD$11 fee (inc. GST).

What do I have to do and prepare?

1 minute dance of NCT's Black on Black to be reviewed by the trainer 1LL himself, and our partner agency.

Why do I need to pay to audition?

The fee is to ensure your commitment to the program. It will help bring the video its best quality for the them to review.


Can I audition more than once?

Auditionees are encouraged to only audition once, to ensure you give it your best shot. However, if you feel that you want a second chance, you can audition again in another state, not in the state you have auditioned in.


If you choose to audition more than once, at the end of your auditions you must choose only ONE audition tape as your final submission. This is to ensure that all auditionees get equal opportunity.


All travel-related expenses incurred for multiple auditions are to be borne by the auditionee.

Can we audition as a group?

Auditions are solo only, no group auditions!

How long can my audition go for?

Auditions must strictly be up to 1 minute for dance audition.

The audition can be under 1 minute, but not over. NOT EVEN 1 SECOND. If your audition goes over the 1 minute limit, your video will be cut at exactly 1 minute before being submitted to judges to review and rank.

When does the 1 minute start?

For dance audition: when the music starts.

Post-Audition Selection

What happens after I accept the offer to join the Boot Camp?

We will send you more details on how to make payment for bootcamp, a few forms for you to sign and location details so you will have sufficient time to find flight and accomodation!

What happens if I am selected but cannot join the Boot Camp?

If you are unable to attend the Boot Camp or do not accept the offer by a specified deadline, then your offer will be forfeited and given to another shortlisted auditionee. 

Audition fees are not refundable.

Pre Boot Camp

What do I need to prepare before Boot Camp?

We will send you updates on Facebook detailing the things you need to do and anything we need from you before boot camp. Make sure you have an active Facebook account and read all of the announcements and correspondence we send.

I live interstate. Do I have to pay for my own flight and accomodation?

Yes. All travel and accomodation costs must be paid by participating trainees. These costs are in addition to the Boot Camp fees.

For the parents

What will my child achieve at Boot Camp? Do we get anything (videos, photos)?

On top of the knowledge from dance lessons, the Boot Camp is programmed to train discipline! Not only that, the trainees will learn how to work as a team and be their own leaders.

The online reality show will be available to watch on YouTube. Photos from the experience (including a photoshoot) will be posted on our Facebook Page and are also available to download.

Do we get a refund if we decide not to attend auditions?

All fees are non-refundable.

Can I visit my child during Boot Camp?

Parents are not encouraged to visit their child during the Boot Camp. This is to help them experience the most out of this program and train like a Kpop trainee. If you wish, we will add you to a parents group page to keep you up-to-date on the trainees' activities.

Will I have contact with my child during Boot Camp?

Trainees are not allowed to use their mobile phone during classes and self-practice time. They are free to contact you during meal and rest times.

What if my child is sick/injured during Boot Camp?

We have an on-site First Aid ready to help. We will contact you and give updates on your child's situation.

Is travel insurance/health insurance included in the fee?

No, travel and health insurance is not included in the fee.

Will I have to organise my child's transport and accomodation?

Yes. All travel and accomodation costs must be paid by participating trainees. These costs are in addition to the Boot Camp fees.

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