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K-pop Dance Project (Sydney) Terms and Conditions

1. Students must be 7 years old or older (Year 1 student).

2. Students may participate in more than 1 project.

3. Sessions will be recorded and photographed and in submitting the registration form I consent to the recording, use, and reuse by the Academy and any of its respective licensees, and assignees, and each of their respective employees, agents, representatives, officers and directors.

4. Payment to be made via Bank Transfer (The registration will be considered void if Payment is not completed, Cash payment on the day will not be accepted). Bank account details will be sent with confirmation email post registration.

5. Fees are refundable if the class has not met the required minimum amount of students. If class is cancelled, notifications will be sent via email, please check your spam folder.

6. Fees are not refundable 5 days before project starts or after the project has started. Last day for fee refund will be 5 October 2020. 

Covid Safe Entry Requirements

  • Only students of the class and nominated staff members can enter the dance studio.

  • Wearing a mask is highly recommended prior to entry, especially if travelling on public transport.

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided and every student must use it prior to entering the dance studio.

  • A temperature check will be conducted prior to entry. If a student is found to be above 37.4 degrees, they will be denied entry to the dance studio.

  • Aus government COVIDSafe App must be downloaded and set to "active".

  • Students should arrive ready for class wearing appropriate dance clothes prior to entering the dance studio.

  • Parents, friends and legal guardians are to wait outside the building for drop offs and pick-ups.

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