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Kpop Vocal Project - Vocalise Series I

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Project Description

Join us, as we launch our very first Kpop vocal project!

To kick start the program, on 2nd December 2020 we are holding a FREE ONLINE VOCAL CLASS!

Click here to REGISTER NOW to meet your amazing vocal trainers, Kenogi and Jane, and get a sneak peek of what the full vocal program has to offer. Spots are limited, so you better be quick!

The full vocal program is a 2-week course, comprising of 4 x 90 minute online vocal lessons with both of our trainers. In the lessons, you will learn not only important vocal exercises, but receive professional training on how to fine tune your technique to sing the chosen Kpop song to your best ability! The number of students are limited to allow for each student to have ample training time. On conclusion of the course, your final vocals will be compiled into a full audio song with an accompanying fun music video with other students in the program.

No matter if you're a Born Singer, a Wannabe, or a Rookie, we'd love to have you join us! 

Program Details:

All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Countdown to Free Master Class



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Vocal Trainers
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Kenogi is an IVA-certified vocal coach from Singapore, known for his ability to quickly and effectively fix issues, such as weak and breathy voices, and/or the need to strain, yell or break when singing high notes.


With 11 years of ongoing training and education in vocal pedagogy and more than 20 years of performing experience in singing and dancing, some of Kenogi’s notable achievements include winning a singing competition in his pre-grad days, singing a National Day Parade theme song, and serving his National Service as a performing artist at the Singapore Armed Forces' Music & Drama Company.


He prides himself in being naturally passionate, empathetic, relatable and patient; qualities which are oh-so important for any kind of coaching work!

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Jane Shin is an IVA-certified vocal coach from South Korea with more than 16 years of combined experience in performing and vocal education.


She has travelled to many countries to learn about singing and voice, and is experienced in helping singers of various types with various issues. As a teacher, Jane sees the importance of teaching good technique to allow singers to sing with more freedom.


She believes in being her students' pillar of strength and having lots of faith in them, so that she can not only help them express themselves better through music but also potentially change their lives.


She currently coaches aspiring artists, professional singers, voice teachers,  musical theatre actors from various countries through online and in-person lessons.


View our Terms and Conditions​ prior to registering by clicking here.

Got any questions? Contact us via this form or social media.

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