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Kpop Dance Project Sydney


Program Description

To celebrate our partnership with Australia Film and Media College and the opening of their brand-new studio, we are happy to announce our first series of Kpop Dance Projects! COVID-19 may have taken away our dance tour and annual bootcamp but with restrictions now easing, we can invite all Kpop dance lovers to join us for a (COVID-safe) return to fun times in the studio!

Each project involves a five-week course in which you will learn the choreography for a specific Kpop routine followed by filming of the final piece.

If you are keen to dance but do not want to commit to recording, then you can join our mini project in which you will enjoy the fun of learning Kpop choreography without having to stress about the result.

There is no minimum dance experience required to participate in the project or mini project. We accept all levels! If you like Kpop, enjoy dancing or simply want to hang out and have some fun, we would love for you to join us at the studio!

The first 15 students to sign up will receive one free profile photo. Makeup not included.

Program Details:

Studio Address: 10 James St, Waterloo, NSW



Ever since attending Bootcamp in 2019, my passion for performing on stage has grown immensely. With my hip hop foundations, I have been able to ease myself into Kpop choreographies as well as implement my skills and techniques into the dances as well. Performing publicly has helped me to improve my stage presence and facial expressions which are crucial for dance. I’ve recently emerged into the Sydney Kpop community and am starting to dance on a much more regular basis. Over the years I have continued to grow and learn more about dance and I am grateful to be able to reflect these learnings onto others who are equally as passionate.

I officially began my dance journey at The Academy’s 2016 Bootcamp. Since then, I’ve had amazing opportunities and performed numerous times on stages big and small. Over the past four years I’ve trained intensively, allowing me to develop core skills as both a dancer and a performer. I have taught weekly workshops for Macquarie University’s Kpop Society, focusing on not only learning choreography but developing dance skills as well. I also co-lead my own dance crew while actively participating in the Sydney Kpop community. I want to continue to inspire and work with others who love dancing just as much as I do and bring out the best performer in them.


View our Terms and Conditions​ prior to registering by clicking here.

Got any questions? Contact us via this form or social media.

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